Real-time tourism analytics to support data-driven management

Salmi Triplizer is a real-time analytics service developed by Salmi Platform Ltd, designed as a tool for data-driven management in the tourism sector, catering to entities such as organizations, associations, businesses, and projects involved in tourism.

Tourism analytics continuously generates daily information about tourists, their journeys, and preferences. Our solution lies at the core of modern data-driven management, providing essential factual information about the impacts of tourism.

Salmi Triplizer tourism analytics comprises a digital survey and reporting platform, where the generated data is analyzable. Survey data can be complemented with information from other available sources. The utilized data sources and functionalities are continually developed.

  • Compile a comprehensive overview of the tourism situation in the region
  • Provide stakeholders with an evidence-based perspective on tourism in the area
  • Highlight the regional impacts and benefits brought about by tourism
  • Encourage and assist tourism stakeholders in the region to gather data to support business development
  • Collect comparable data about the region onto the same information platform
  • Compile a comprehensive overview of tourism in the destination
  • Develop tourism in an evidence-based manner
  • Get to know your customers and their preferences
  • Demonstrate the impacts and benefits that tourism brings to the area
  • Collect comparable data from either one or multiple resorts onto the same information platform, using the same methodology
  • Create a comprehensive overview of tourism at the resort
  • Develop tourism in an evidence-based manner
  • Get to know your customers and understand their preferences
  • Demonstrate the impacts and benefits that tourism generates for the area

Utilizing tourism data for data-driven management

Incorporate tourism analytics as part of tactical business management to support decision-making. Base strategic business decisions and broader guidelines on up-to-date information about tourists.

The information collected through Salmi Triplizer can be versatilely utilized for purposes such as verifying the regional impact of tourism, enhancing marketing and sales efforts, driving service and product development, and fostering collaboration with stakeholders.

Persuade decision-makers and partners

Collect current data about your tourists as a basis for funding, investment, and project applications, making it easier and more credible to advance business objectives.

Utilize the information in business negotiations with decision-makers: substantiate your choices convincingly to the authorities.

This approach promotes regional service infrastructure and investment in tourism resources.

Boost sales and marketing

  • Content for Marketing and CommunicationDiversify the use of data as marketing content: articulate customer satisfaction or inform potential customers and other stakeholders about the impacts of tourism.
  • Assistance for Marketing and SalesIdentify the most profitable target groups through data, assess the effectiveness of implemented measures, and tailor your marketing messages accordingly.

Develop products and services

See how the destination looks from the tourist’s perspective and create new or enhance existing products and services based on customer feedback.

Improve the customer experience with a customer-centric approach!

Demonstrate the success or failure of investments or efforts, and adjust your actions in the right direction based on information.

Deepen collaboration with stakeholders

With analytics you can inform fellow stakeholders and your staff about the regional tourism situation: highlight successes, areas for improvement, and services that tourists are satisfied with.

Analytics works excellently as part of collaboration between the region’s tourism businesses and local authorities. Use analytics to initiate discussions, inspire collaboration, and motivate stakeholders for change.

Comprehensive information about tourists and the impact of tourism

Salmi Triplizer tourism analytics comprehensively collects information from various facets of tourism, with a specific focus on the impact of tourism, as well as tourist profiling and experiences. This data provides an excellent foundation for the development of tourism and verifying its impact. The data collection takes into account the regional characteristics of tourism according to the preferences of the operator.

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Data Collection

Salmi Triplizer tourism analytics collects information from tourists through a digital survey optimized for mobile devices. The survey questionnaire is standardized, allowing for the generalizability of data, comparisons and seamless and cost-effective implementation. Collect comprehensive information about the impact of tourism, tourist profiles, and experiences.

Estimating Tourist Numbers

Salmi Platform Ltd collaborates with Telia Company Ltd, whose operator data serves as one source of information for estimating tourist numbers. It anonymously collects and estimates visitor counts using mobile phone connections. By combining Telia’s operator data with Salmi Triplizer survey data, it is possible to assess the regional economic impact of tourism. The operator data allows categorizing visitors into three groups: day visitors, overnight tourists, and locals.

Data Reporting

Survey data and other relevant information are integrated into a comprehensive information package on a reporting platform based on Microsoft Power BI. The data is available in visual charts and easily comparable. Survey data is updated on the report on a daily basis. The information is accessible on the platform with user credentials 24/7.

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