Salmi Platform Ltd organizes prize draw competitions among persons who have replied to tourism or event surveys and left their contact information for the prize draw.

1 Rules of the prize draw

It is only possible to take part in to Salmi Platform’s prize draws by replying  to an online survey offered by Salmi Platform.

Persons who are over 15 years of age and have replied to a tourism or event survey by Salmi Platform can participate to the prize draw.

2 Prize packages

Prize draw’s prize packages are published in the survey in question and all the current ongoing prize draw competitions with additional information are published on this web page.

3 Winner(s) of the prize draw

The prize draw takes place after the participation time has ended. Salmi Platform will draw the winner(s) among the prize draw participants in question. The personal data of the participants will not be disclosed to third parties and will not be used for any purpose other than carrying out the prize draw.

4 Prize delivery

The winner will be notified personally via e-mail. If the winner can’t be contacted within 24 hours, a new winner will be drawn. The prize will be delivered to the winner via post mail or e-mail, depending on the prize.

5 Disclosure of information

Winner’s personal information won’t be published without the winner’s consent. The personal data of all participants in the prize draw will be erased immediately after the draw.

Salmi Platform Ltd reserves the right to make changes to these rules.

7 Ongoing prize draw competitions

Here are all the ongoing prize draw competitions, that each have their own prizes.

Salmi Platform Ltd’s prize draw rules will be followed in all of the prize draw competitions unless stated otherwise.

Tourism destinations and resorts

Destination Data collection Prize (value) Prize draw open More information
TAHKOcom ongoing TAHKOcom accommodation gift card (value 100€) until 30.4.2024
Pyhä-Luosto 13.11.2023- An accommodation in Pyhä-Luosto (2 persons, 2 nights), value about 550€ until 1.5.2024 The prize draw will take place at the end of the winter season. The winner will be contacted personally.
Liminka 1.1-30.4.2024 Liminka product package (value 20€) until 30.4.2024 Survey is a part of Oulu Region tourism data collection project.
Puijo Peak 12.1-31.5.2024 Puijo product package (value 50€) until 31.5.2024
Syöte 19.2.-28.4.2024 5 Syöte hoodies (value 89€/piece) until 28.4.2024 Survey is a part of Oulu Region tourism data collection project. The survey is organized by Syöte Tourism Association.
Oulu 2023- 5 x 65 € gift cards to web store until 31.5.2024 Survey is a part of Oulu Region tourism data collection project.
Kemi Tourism Ltd. 3/2024- Icebreaker Cruise & an overnight accommodation in Seaside Glass Villa for 2 persons, value 1270€ in total 31.5.2024 Survey is a part of Oulu Region tourism data collection project.


Event Event date Prize (value) Prize draw open Event location
Competitions of the Finnish Cheerleading Federation 9.12.2023-16.6.2024 at the end of the season 5 Fincheer-equipment packages (value about 70€/package) will be drawn among the participants of all event surveys conducted by the Finnish Cheerleading Federation until 24.6.2024 Many locations
National Rally Championship competition series by Finnish Motorsports Association AKK 13.1.2024- Each competition of the National Rally Championship series has its own survey and prize draw. Among those who participated in the prize draw of each survey, 2 rally passes for the 2024 WC rally will be drawn for one winner. until 14.10.2024 Many locations
Kuopio City: services of civic activities 28.1.2024- Entrance tickets to cultural sites will be drawn among the participants of Kuopio’s event surveys, which are included in the data collection. until 30.6.2024 Kuopio
Kemi Events 2024- 1 day Villa accommodation for two (incl. breakfast) will be drawn among those who participated in the prize draw by 14 December 2024 until 15.12.2024 Kemi
Kempower Easter Tournament 29.-31.3.2024 2 accommodation gift cards to the GreenStar Hotel (1 night for 2 persons) until 15.4.2024 Lahti
Kallavesj’ fair 5.-7.4.2024 3 waterproof “Thalassa Dry Bag Navy 10 l” travel bags (value 45€/piece) until 15.4.2024 Kuopio
Tampere Biennale 10.-14.4.2024 tickets to G Livelab, Tampere Filharmonia ja TTT-Klubi’s concerts (value 156 € in total) until 22.4.2024 Tampere