Data-driven management platform for events

Salmi Eventlizer is a data-driven management platform for events. It serves as a digital event analysis tool for managing data related to events. It is the most comprehensive real-time measuring analytics tool on the market, taking into account the specific features and needs of the event industry. Eventlizer provides extensive data on event visitors through a standardized and highly automated data collection method, reporting it digitally in a visual format. It serves as a convincing information base for the development of events.

Comparable Information

A standardized data collection method produces comparable information between events.

Completely digital

The data collection and analysis are entirely digital and highly automated.

Innovative and continually evolving

We leverage the latest technology, such as artificial intelligence, for results analysis and continuously develop the data platform with a customer-centric approach.

The most extensive and up-to-date events database

We have been collecting diverse information about various events across Finland since 2020.

Dynamic and real-time reporting

In-depth analysis with various filters can be achieved in real-time.

Takes into account the specific characteristics of events

The specific characteristics of events and event organizers are taken into account in data collection.

Analytics for various event industry needs

Eventlizer event analysis is suitable for analyzing any type of event, whether it’s a cultural, sports, or entertainment event. It serves as a tool for both event organizers and organizations. Eventlizer can be used to analyze both individual events and multiple events as a whole.

  • Collect impact data from the region’s events using the same method on the same data platform.
  • Demonstrate the regional effects and benefits of events.
  • Assist event organizers in gathering information to support event development.
  • Create an overview of the region’s event situation.
  • Compare events with each other.
  • Develop your event based on information
  • Get to know your customers
  • Demonstrate the impacts and benefits your event brings to the area
  • Collect comparable data from one or more events onto the same data platform using the same method
  • Collect comparable data from the association or organization’s events onto the same data platform using the same method
  • Compare events with each other
  • Convincingly demonstrate the regional impacts of events
  • Create an overview of the association or organization’s events
  • Develop events based on data
  • Collect data from the events at the event center using the same method into the same database
  • Compare events with each other
  • Create an overview of the event center’s events
  • Demonstrate the regional impacts of events
  • Develop events based on data

Event analysis is a versatile tool for data-driven management

Develop customer experience and the event

  • Understand your customers and tailor better services to them
  • Collect comparative data from recurring events
  • Real-time feedback allows for immediate response during the event
  • Based on customer feedback, develop the event in a customer-centric manner

Target event marketing

  • Collect information about event attendees’ hometowns and profiles
  • Present factual information about the event’s popularity and impact, e.g., to the media and project partners
  • Enhance the event’s visibility
  • Communicate the success of the event to your customers

Convince decision-makers

  • Convince decision-makers and stakeholders about the regional impact of your event
  • Compelling factual information and assistance for event support and partnership negotiations
  • Concrete factual information for investment calculations and financing applications

Develop partnerships

  • Demonstrate the importance of partnerships
  • Optimize the visibility and advertising space for partners
  • Enhance partner images and relationships
  • Create new partnerships with the help of data
  • Demonstrate the importance of your event to your partners

Extensive information about event visitors and impacts

Salmi Eventlizer event analysis collects extensive information about different aspects of the event, focusing particularly on the event’s impact, customer profiling, and experience. This data provides an excellent foundation for the development of the event and confirming its impacts. The data collection process considers the specific features of events according to the event’s preferences.

Salmi eventlizer kysely

Data Collection

Salmi Eventlizer event analysis is based on a digital survey form optimized for mobile devices. Surveys are an efficient way to collect real-time information from event visitors. One significant strength of Eventlizer event analysis is the standardized survey template, allowing for nationally comparable data collection and easy, cost-effective implementation. Collect comprehensive information on the event’s impact, visitor profiles, and experiences.


The collected data is available in real-time through an online reporting tool. Examine the information in clear, dynamic, and visual online reporting views from anywhere, at any time. Thanks to dynamic reporting, you can delve deep into the data with various filters. The information can be saved and shared from the system as visual charts. The report is an extremely versatile tool for data-driven event management!