Salmi Platform matkailun tiedolla johtamisen havainnekuva

Salmi Analytics – making tourism and event management easy with data

Leading tourism with data can be easy, affordable, and efficient. The Salmi Analytics product family provides analyses for the needs of the tourism and event industry. Daily data collection enables systematic data-driven management for tourism and event businesses. The Salmi Analytics product family includes two products: Salmi Triplizer – tourism analysis for tourism companies and destinations, and Salmi Eventlizer – event analysis for events.

Data collection and reporting

Salmi Analytics’ impact analyses for tourism and events consist of a digital survey tool and an online reporting platform. The digital and browser-based survey measures, in real-time, standardized aspects such as tourist or visitor profiles, regional economic impacts (tourist consumption), travel carbon footprint, customer satisfaction, and gathers open feedback using a standardized method. The results are available for viewing in visual, dynamic, and informative online report views.

Salmi Analytics provides factual information as the foundation for data-driven decision-making, including

  • Determining customer profiles
  • Improving customer experience
  • Measuring regional economic impacts
  • Targeting marketing efforts
  • Media communication
  • Developing events, destinations, and services
  • Measuring partner visibility
  • Fundraising
  • Stakeholder collaboration

Expert services

Salmi Analytics includes expert services as an essential part of its analytics products. We assist and guide our clients in the data collection process and help them understand the functionality of the reporting tool and the information it generates. We offer diverse data-driven management services to support the development of tourism and event activities.