Salmi Platform Ltd organizes prize draw competitions among persons who have replied to tourism or event surveys and left their contact information for the prize draw.

1 Rules of the prize draw

It is only possible to take part in to Salmi Platform’s prize draws by replying  to an online survey offered by Salmi Platform.

Persons who are over 15 years of age and have replied to a tourism or event survey by Salmi Platform can participate to the prize draw.

2 Prize packages

Prize draw’s prize packages are published in the survey in question and all the current ongoing prize draw competitions with additional information are published on this web page.

3 Winner(s) of the prize draw

The prize draw takes place after the participation time has ended. Salmi Platform will draw the winner(s) among the prize draw participants in question. The personal data of the participants will not be disclosed to third parties and will not be used for any purpose other than carrying out the prize draw.

4 Prize delivery

The winner will be notified personally via e-mail. If the winner can’t be contacted within 24 hours, a new winner will be drawn. The prize will be delivered to the winner via post mail or e-mail, depending on the prize.

5 Disclosure of information

Winner’s personal information won’t be published without the winner’s consent. The personal data of all participants in the prize draw will be erased immediately after the draw.

Salmi Platform Ltd reserves the right to make changes to these rules.

7 Ongoing prize draw competitions

Here are all the ongoing prize draw competitions, that each have their own prizes.

Salmi Platform Ltd’s prize draw rules will be followed in all of the prize draw competitions unless stated otherwise.

Tourism Destinations

Destination / project Data collection period Prize (value) Prize draw open More information
Lake Saimaa, goSaimaa Ltd. 1.4-31.12.2022 Accommodation gift card until 31.12.2022 There are three (3) ongoing tourism surveys around Lake Saimaa area: 1) the whole area of Lake Saimaa / South Carelia 2) Lappeenranta area and 3) Imatra area. Monthly accommodation gift card is drawn among all the prize draw participants of the three surveys.
Northern Savo Lakeland 1.1-31.12.2022 Accommodation gift card (à 200€) to Northern Savo area until 31.12.2022
Hämeenlinna, Linnan Kehitys Ltd. 1.6-31.8.2022 Service or accommodation gift cards (à 40-200 €) to Hämeenlinna 31.8.2022 Small gift cards to activities and culture services of Hämeenlinna are drawn among prize draw participants who are local inhabitants of Hämeenlinna.
Nurmes Tourism, PIKES 1.6.2022-31.8.2023
  1. Break Sokos Hotel Bomba à accommodation + breakfast + spa (October -22).
  2. Laitalan Lomat à accommodation + breakfast + canoe rent + experiential meal (April -23).
  3. Hyvärilä Youth and Holiday Centre à accommodation + breakfast + Trek fatbike x 2, rent 2 h. (August -23)
until 31.8.2023 The prize draws will take place in October 2022, April 2023 and August 2023.
Visit Syöte 23.6-31.8.2022 Surprise gifts until 31.8.2022
Himos-Jämsä 23.6-30.9.2022 100€ gift card to a local tourism company (of winner’s choosing) at Himos-Jämsä (doesn’t apply to chain stores or grocery stores) until 30.9.2022
Visit Karelia 23.6.-30.9.2022 3 Karelian product packages ( (value 78,80€) until 30.9.2022
Visit Raahe 23.6.-31.8.2022 Accommodation gift card (value 250€) until 31.8.2022

Prize draw competitions for event cities

Events in Jyväskylä

Event Event date Event prize (value) Prize draw competition open
Secto Rally Finland 4.-7.8. two rally passes for the year 2023 World Championship Rally in Finland (value 180€) 4-18.8.2022
Comets Cup 20.-21.8. a scarf or a cap of Jyväskylä Komeetat football club 20.8-5.9.2022
Finlandia Marathon 16.-17.9 surprise gifts from event partners (value of the main prize is 100€ and smaller prizes 300€ in total) 16-30.9.2022
The Northern Europeans in Men’s and Women’s
Artistic Gymnastics
18.-20.11. (upcoming) (upcoming)
International Basketball Match (Finland-Ukraine) 18.8.2022 2 tickets to the World Championship Qualifications Game Finland-Estonia 13.11.2022 18.8-8.9.2022

Events in Tampere

Event Event date Event prize (value) Prize draw competition open
Gymnaestrada 9-12.6.2022 product prize by Finnish Gymnastics Federation 8-26.6.2022
World Masters Athletics (WMA) 29.6-10.7.2022 Official bag of the event 29.6-24.7.2022
Superpesis Itä-Länsi 9-10.7.2022 a trip for 2 persons to the ending cruise of the baseball season 15-16.10.2022 9-24.7.2022
Men’s volleyball European championship qualifications game (Finland-Austria) 10.8.2022 two season cards of VaLePa 10-24.8.2022
Men’s basketball World championship qualifications game 25.8.2022 2 tickets to the World Championship Qualifications game Finland-Estonia 13.11.2022 25.8-8.9.2022

Events in Kuopio

Event Event date Prize (value) Prize draw competition open
Kuopio Dance Festival 15-21.6.2022 2 tickets to the festival in 2023 15.6-4.7.2022
Sunsets Kuopio 5-6.8.2022 experience gift card (200€) 5-29.8.2022
Rauhalahti Kuopio Marathon 3.9.2022 free registration to the marathon in 2023 (value 40€) 3-18.9.2022
Antifestival 13-18.9.2022 Overnight accommodation for two persons in Original Sokos Hotel Puijonsarvi 13-26.9.2022

Events in Hamina

Event Event date Prize (value) Prize draw competition open
Hevoset Bastionissa 8-12.6.2022 ticket package for 2 persons to the Helsinki International Horse Show’s international opening show (21.10.2022) (value 159€)
2 tickets to the year 2023 Hevoset -fair (value 20€/ticket).
3 tickets to Helsinki International Horse Show (20.10.2022) (value 39,50€/ticket)
2 Hevoset Bastionissa purses (value 29€/ pc)
Hamina Tattoo 11-16.7.2022 Hamina Tattoo festival  book,
”100 years of Hamina in photos” photobook,
Product bag of Hamina 

The events of Inner Savonia

Event Event date Prize Prize draw competition open
Pielaveden muikkuvestivaalit (Pielavesi vendace festival) 2.7.2022 gift card (50€) to one of the member companies of Muikkuvestivaalit ry 2-31.7.2022
Suonenjoki Strawberry Festival 15-16.7.2022 VIP package for two persons to the event in 2023 15-31.7.2022
MM-Reiska 21-23.7.2022 Reino or Aino slippers (value 35€) 21.7-5.8.2022

Other events

Event Event date Prize (value) Prize draw competition open
Hangö Teaterträff 9-12.6.2022 Festival pass for year 2023. The festival pass includes free entrance to all of the festival performances of the year 2023.  9-26.6.2022
Baltic Circle 18-26.11.2022 (upcoming) (upcoming)
Vuokatti Night Triathlon 24.6.2022 an accommodation package (2 nights, 2 persons) incl. breakfast during midsummer 2023 24.6-1.7.2022
Tahko MTB 1-2.7.2022 free registration to the competition in 2023 1-15.7.2022
Tawastia Truck Weekend 15-16.7.2022 3 prize packages incl. a ticket to the event in 2023 and a mug 15-29.7.2022
Kuhmo Chamber Music festival 10-23.7.2022 tickets to the festival in 2023 10.7-31.8.2022
Vuokatti Motor Show 28-30.7.2022 a gift card to S-Group (S-Ryhmä) (50€) 28.7-7.8.2022
Savonlinna International Film Festival (SINFF) 18-21.8.2022 1) a ticket package of 5 films for the festival in 2023 (value 35€) 2) SINFF product packages 18.8-3.9.2022
Häme Medieval Festival 18-21.8.2022 tickets for two persons for one day to the festival in 2023 18.8-3.9.2022