Privacy policy Salmi AR

1 How do we respect your privacy?

We collect anonymous device specific data to follow performance. We do not share user’s personal data to third parties.

2 Why do we use the device camera?

Salmi AR requires a camera function to render and place virtual content over images.

3 Why do we use device storage?

User may download Salmi AR content to store it for later use. Mass storage may also be used as temporary depository.

4 Why do we use the device’s fine location?

In order to offer geolocation based features such as a user marker on top of the map, we need to have access to the user’s fine location.

5 Regular disclosure of information

Salmi Platform Oy does not share marketing and stakeholder registers’ data forward to third parties.

6 Data transfer outside of EU or ETA regions

We do not transfer marketing and stakeholder registers’ data outside EU or ETA regions.

7 The Data Protection Act (523/1999) 10 §:n compatible privacy policy.

Signed 1st January 2020, last modified 20th April 2020 , indeterminate for now.

8 Register holder

Salmi Platform Oy

Käsityökatu 43, 70100 Kuopio

9 Contact personnel in matters about the register

Jere Anttalainen

+358 44 723 7151

10 Contacts

In all questions about processing of personal data and usage of user data, user must contact the register holder. User may use their individual rights by contacting the register holder that is listed at the beginning of this privacy policy.

11 Salmi AR privacy policy

This Privacy Policy applies to all distributed devices and platforms.

12 What information do we collect?

Salmi AR application is built with Unity Game Engine.  Its AR functionality is based on Wikitude SDK. Wikitude may use Google ARCore for surface detection. Unity’s default automatic data collection has been disabled, but Salmi AR may collect anonymous data about device performance or location. You may read more about third party privacy policies at…

Unity technologies Privacy Policy

Google privacy policy

Mapbox privacy policy

13 How do we use the collected data?

We may follow the overall application performance or create collections and/or statistics about device base.

14 When do we collect data?

We collect the data only when the application is open or focused.

15 How do we bring up the collected data?

We may show collected information as part of a larger collection or in statistics. We never share or display users’ personal information.

16 How do we store the collected information?

Collected data will be stored in databases. In some cases when the internet is not available the data may be stored to mass storage and sent once connection is available.

17 How to opt out?

User may opt out by uninstalling the Salmi AR application.

18 Children’s Online Privacy Protection (COPPA)

Children under 13 years old should always use Salmi AR under adult’s (such as teacher or parent etc.) supervision. Salmi AR does not allow direct communication with internet services such as browser engines. We will not knowingly collect or use personal information except geolocation, which might get collected in server log files and is only used to offer map based services. We will not distribute any personal data in a way user might get recognized. Third party privacy policies are listed above.

19 Agreeing of conditions

By using Salmi AR application you understand and agree with this privacy policy.

20 Changes to privacy policy

Possible changes to this privacy policy are published in this document without further notice.