Salmi Map is a map-based application which allows tourists and hikers to explore the area’s sites and services. Salmi Map can be integrated into ordinary websites. The map application provides up-to-date information for its users, as the map view also includes events in the area.

With Salmi Map, a traveller or an area resident can search for interesting sites, excursions and services. Fragmented information becomes whole with the help of Salmi Map, which benefits both the travellers and businesses in the area. When services are found in the same place, the likelihood of finding something is higher. At the same time, the likelihood of being found is increasing for the entrepreneur.

Salmi Map is easy to use and accessible. Salmi Map can be integrated into regular websites, as an example is our client Kuopio-Tahko Markkinointi Oy’s website.

Region and Company based logins allow you to manage the content of Salmi Map objects in Salmi Manager. With Salmi Manager, you can add seasonal promotions to your company’s product cards.

Salmi Map in a nutshell:

  • Area’s services in a map view
  • The user interface emphasizes visuality and usability
  • You can categorize the map view according to what sites and services are being searched for
  • Routes and AR virtual tours are also available in the map view