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The beginning of an adventure



Salmi Platform

Salmi Manager
Salmi Manager is a tool you can use to operate your Salmi Map -view.
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Salmi Map
Salmi Map brings services and sights into one view. It is map-based system which is easy to use and navigate. Salmi Map is for travellers and citizens.
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Salmi Data
Salmi's database is an integrationplatform. It is possible to import data from different sources, enrich it and show it effectively to travellers.
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Salmi AR
Augmented Reality improves customer experience. You can add interactive AR-content to your sights and services.
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Salmi Analytics
With Salmi Analytics you can search all the interesting data which has been collected from the users. You can utilize data to develop your business.
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Salmi Map

Explorer's tool

Salmi Map helps an user to plan a trip or a route because it collects information from all sources to one place. Salmi Map contains interesting sights, different outdoor activities and services.

Salmi Map is for travellers, explorers, citizens and entrepreneurs.

Salmi AR

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) creates amazing experiences when combined to different sights and services. AR can be voice, video etc. emerging in a mobile device due to a certain initiation.

Only the imagination is the limit when creating AR!